Tangley Parish Honours Board

In recognition of past and present councillors who have freely given their time to serve on our parish council or provide support through their roles at TVBC and HCC, below is a list of the dates they were in office and the position held by each person.  We thank them all for the contribution they have made over the years.

Parish Council Chairmen & Parish Clerks

Brian Comley – Chairman

Nigel Bull – Chairman

Janine Law – Parish Clerk

Mercedes Leonard – Parish Clerk

Parish Councillors

Janie Joll
Philip Macdonald
David Eldred – Vice Chairman
Martin Thomson
Steve Kershaw
Graham Marchant
John O’Gadhra
Louise O’Gadhra
Sue Leake

Borough and County Councillors

 Test Valley Borough Council

Peter Giddings

 Hampshire County Council

Pam Mutton