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16 Oct 23 Tangley Parish Council Meeting Village Hall  7pm
02 Dec 23 Comedy Night & Thai Meal The Old Dairy 7pm

Village News (ARC) and The Grapevine

Village News is the parish magazine and is delivered monthly for a small subscription.   The Grapevine is a free e-mail service which enables you to receive reminders about forthcoming events, lost & found, exchange & mart and everything else you will ever need to know about our parish.


Village News Magazine

The Village News Magazine is published every month in conjunction with the villages of Appleshaw, Redenham, Clanville, Penton Mewsey and Weyhill and an annual subscription can be purchased for just £9.00.  If you are interested in advertising or becoming a subscriber, please contact the Village News team below. Contributions are welcomed and need to be sent in by e-mail or post each month.

E-mail:      Write:  ARC Editors, Tanglewood, Barncroft, Appleshaw SP11 9BU

The Grapevine

The Grapevine is an e-mail newsletter sent out at regular intervals when there is a matter of interest to all subscribers.  This service is free of charge.  To be added to the circulation list please use the following link:

Defibrillators (AED’s)

During the first few weeks of January 2015 we managed to get our new parish defibrillators installed at the Village Hall, The Cricketers, The Fox and The Hare & Hounds, in addition to the existing unit at The Old Bell and Crown, thanks to the agreement of our publicans.  This is a massive achievement and a big thank you to Philip Wray, Jeremy & Peridot Dunning and Graham & Sara Marchant who all ran fund-raising events to enable the parish to purchase these potentially life-saving devices.

For information about the location and operation of our AED’s please click the link in the box above – the leaflet can be downloaded.