Tangley Parish Council

Parish Council meetings are held approximately every six weeks on a Monday night at 7pm at the Tangley
Parish Village Hall in Wildhern. Agendas are posted on parish notice boards the week prior to a meeting and
the dates are published in Village News and the Andover Advertiser. Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings and can voice their concerns and opinions during the Open Forum session at the start of
each meeting.

We have a Casual Vacancy for a parish councillor from preferably the Tangley/Hatherden area
Please e-mail The Clerk via the contact page of this website if you are interested in the position.

 Parish Council Meetings

To view the agenda for the next meeting, click here: 8 July 2019

Please scroll down to the foot of the page for the minutes of our past 3 years meetings.

Footpath Maintenance
Maintenance will be carried out by the HCC Rights of Way team as follows:  Path Nos. 3, 4, 6, 8 & 11.
A link to the cutting schedule can be found on the HCC Rights of Way website.

Parish Councillors

The Parish Council consists of 7 councillors who are elected every 4 years.

Charles Haswell (Chairman) (Wildhern)  chairman.tangley@parish.hants.gov.uk Tel: 01264 735540
Catherine Morton (Dines)  Catherine@mgcomms.co.uk Tel: 07771 622636
Nigel Bull (Wildhern) nigel@bull-co.co.uk Tel: 01264 735328
Vacancy (Hatherden)
Philip Macdonald (Tangley) philipamacdonald@hotmail.com Tel: 07767 657400
Tim Strong (Charlton Down) timdstrong@googlemail.com Tel: 01264 735482
Alexandra Raworth (Hatherden) aalraworth@gmail.com Tel:  01264 735487

District Councillor

Cllr Phil North (Cons) cllrpnorth@testvalley.gov.uk Tel: 07732 423023

County Councillor

Cllr Kirsty North (Cons) kirsty.locke.hants.gov.uk Tel: 07868 981320